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Short Loans Centre

The Short Loans Centre (SLC) provides for the information needs of undergraduate students at the University of Cape Town. Materials in high demand are housed here and made available for limited loan periods, ensuring that essential materials are available to all who need them.

The Short Loans Centre is situated on Level 4 of the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library. It is a closed access library – our staff will retrieve the materials you need at your request. Materials housed here include books, prescribed videos and DVDs.

You may borrow 3 items at a time from Short Loans.  Most items are loaned for 3 hours, but for items in very high demand, the loan period is 1 hour.  Short Loan items may also be issued on overnight loan from 15h00 onwards, and must be returned by 09h30 the following morning.  Weekend loans are issued from 15h00 on a Friday and must be returned by 09h30 the following Monday.

The Short Loans Collection:


  • Books that have been identified by lecturers or library staff as likely to be in high demand are removed from the open shelves in the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library and placed in the Short Loans Centre where they can be made available to students for restricted loan periods.
  • Lecturers may also place their own private copies of books on short loan. An agreement document covering the placement of private copies on short loan is available on request. Please complete and sign this when supplying private copies.
  • To place books on short loan, please follow the Procedure for Placing Materials on Short Loan.
  • Lecturers with large classes may request that additional copies of a book be purchased for the Short Loans Centre by contacting the relevant Subject Librarian. Please note that books that are locally available must be ordered at least one month prior to the date that they will be required on short loan. Books from overseas must be ordered four months in advance.


  • No journals subscribed to by the Libraries will be kept in Short Loans.
  • Lecturers may place private copies of journals on short loan. An agreement document covering the placement of private copies on short loan is available on request. Please complete and sign this when supplying private copies.

DVDs and Videos

  • The Short Loans Centre houses only DVDs and videos that have been prescribed by lecturers.
  • Only original copies of videos and DVDs are kept in the Short Loans Centre.
  • DVDs and videos in the main library collection are available at the Loans Desk.

Materials NOT accepted by Short Loans

  • Course readers
  • Compilations of articles
  • Photocopies.

Instructions for Lecturers

How to Place Books, Videos, and DVDs on Short Loan

  • Lecturers must fill in a Short Loans request form at the Short Loans Centre and hand it in together with the material to be placed on short loan.




Contact Janetta van der Merwe: Tel: 021 763 7100/7112.

Annual Updating of your Requests

  • PLEASE NOTE: All Copyright Clearance Reports you obtain from the CHEC office are only valid for the year in which they are granted. All photocopied items on short loan are therefore automatically removed from the Short Loans Centre at the end of each academic year.
  • The Short Loans Centre will return all submitted copies to the relevant academics at the end of each year. Should you wish to place any of these copies on short loan for the following academic year, please REPEAT the process of obtaining copyright clearance from CHEC before submitting your request to the Short Loans Centre. Please ensure that you do this timeously.

Please Note:

  • No photocopy request, without a Copyright Clearance Report attached, will be accepted or processed by the Short Loans Centre.
  • For more information on this process, please refer to the PLO User Manual by clicking the "User Manual” button on the PLO site.


  • Short Loans queries: contact the Short Loans Centre. (Tel: 650-3117/3986).
  • PLO Request queries: Janetta van der Merwe, Project Director, Copyright, CHEC. (Tel: 763-7100/7112)
  • Policy queries: Brian Davidse, Manager: Operations and Finance, Registrar's Office, UCT. (Tel: 650-2202)